Beforei is about you and what you want to do in your life

I have sat down many, many times now to write this “about beforei” paragraph. And half the time I found myself writing about the journey that I have taken to reach the launch of beforei and the other half of the time I was writing some jargon riddle blurb about vertically integrated things…then something occurred to me. I had never actually looked at “about beforei” in the context of “what is beforei about”. Sure the launching of beforei does mean a lot to me and the path to getting here has been tough, funny at times, and extremely gratifying. And sure beforei is also a vertically integrated social networking site, yadda, yadda, yadda…but that is not what beforei is about.

Beforei is about achieving. Beforei is about doing more and on your own terms. Beforei is about discovering and building new paths in your life. Beforei is about the collective power of ambitious souls to work together in overcoming life’s many obstacles, through the use of planning and the trading of experience and knowledge. Beforei is about setting a course and being willing to try. But ultimately beforei is about you and what you want to do in your life.

From the personal side of this I want to say thank you! Thank you for joining beforei as we continue to build our path along side yours. I said that beforei is about you and it is and it is my mission to always maintain that focus.

So, sincerely, thank you!

Austin Freeman

We are here to help you. Goals are what we do.

Beforei is a social networking site that helps people to achieve their life goals through the use of organization and experience sharing. Beforei has a mission to assist people in bringing out their true power and thus build a society of peoples that have more achievements then regrets. Basically, beforei is a multi-prong attack on the idea that "life is too short".

We believe that anyone can achieve the things that they want to in life through organization, education, and support. The beforei system begins with simply being a repository where someone can place, privately or publicly, the things in life that they wish to accomplish (beforei does not judge the "importance" of someone's goals). From there a user can choose several paths. They can begin to organize the steps that it takes to accomplish any goal, by creating task lists and the sub tasks associated with it. They can seek assistance from a friend or a like-minded user that has a similar goal. They can grab a goal that has been posted and augment it to fit their own time frame and level of knowledge.

Beforei succeeds only when it's users succeed. Together we can achieve that lofty goal of changing the paradigm that is "life is too short" and from that we create a better world for those yet to come.